Vipul Bokarvadiya

With a career spanning diverse revenue-generating roles, Lance brings a wealth of expertise to our innovative startup. Prior to this role, he excelled as an expert-vetted freelancer on Upwork and spearheaded his own successful sales consulting agency, Ulin Consulting. Lance is a four-time Presidents Club achiever and has held the coveted #1 market leader position for three consecutive months at his prior companies. His mastery in revenue management, business development, sales, and marketing, combined with a proven track record of driving business growth, makes him an invaluable asset to our team. Beyond his professional achievements, Lance is a true global citizen, having lived as an expat with his family across Mexico and Europe for the last five years. His advisory board experience with other notable startups reflects their commitment to industry leadership. With resilience, tenacity, and adaptability as his guiding principles, Lance is dedicated to spearheading our company’s growth and success.